Hemp Energies Alternative Resource Technologies

Our attitude is its time to create an alternative green energy economy built and designed around hemp. This is going to take an infusion of the energy of clear well thought out thinking, common sense and responsibility.

We encourage people to look and see for themselves the history, facts, and realities of hemp as a renewable resource.  If you’re in agreement we ask that you act on your agreement in ways that are practical for you.  Let it be known.

We want people to consider hemp energy based on facts not emotions. We want people to make decisions  based on what makes sense. We are not asking people to follow or to believe,
we are asking  people to think for themselves.  We are not promoting politics, religion or any other device. We are asking that people consider re-establishing our ancestral relationship to hemp as a part of our living reality.  Use this energy of the past as an energy for the future. We encourage anyone interested in the hemp alternative to spread that interest around.

Our attitude is that hemp as an alternative energy source should not be viewed as a competition to other alternative energy sources, solar, wind, water, etc. There is no environmental competition, there is one environment with many aspects and its time to bring our many colors and weave our manys in a common direction, maybe even help to weave the hemp web back into the web of life.

Hemp is earth medicine for the earth the people the present the future the climate

those times of not feeling good
are times to do something good
good just to do something good
a way good has of feeling good

those times are here

the olders

Hemp Energies Alternative Resource Technologies