Why Hemp is Illegal


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Think More. Believe Less.- John Trudell

Hempstead Project Heart


Hempstead Project Heart’s mission is to create awareness of the many benefits of hemp for the planet and people. Through collaborations, arts and music, we work to elevate public consciousness about hemp as a basis for a healthy green economy.

Hempstead Project Heart is a project of Earth Island Institute.

John Trudell

John Trudell

John Trudell is the co-founder of Hempstead Project Heart with Willie Nelson. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of restoring industrial hemp in America.

Our Impact: Hemp Consciousness across California and the USA

Since 2012, HPH has partnered with communities, farmers, musicians, green builders, entrepreneurs, students and sustainability organizations across the country to support hemp initiatives, build the hemp green economy and elevate public consciousness about the urgency to return hemp farming to our state and nation.



Looking host a hemp event or incorporate hemp into your event? We can bring our hands-on-hemp exhibit, offer hemp education workshops, host a “Bringing it Home” film screening and bring in excellent speakers. For more information on bookings contact Linda Delair at:

“Our attitude is its time to create an alternative green economy built and designed around hemp. This is going to take an infusion of the energy of clear thinking, common sense and responsibility. We encourage people to look and see for themselves the history, facts, and realities of hemp as a renewable resource. We are asking that people consider re-establishing our ancestral relationship to hemp as a part of our living reality. Use this energy of the past as energy for the future. We encourage anyone interested in the hemp alternative to spread that interest around.” — John Trudell

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